Programme Personnel

Programme Directors:

Dr John Canavan & Dr Caroline Heary (Joint Directors, NUI Galway)

Professor Trevor Spratt (Director, TCD)

Course Coordinator:

Dr. Lorraine Swords (TCD)

Academic Co-ordinators:

Dr Allyn Fives (NUIG) & Dr Padraig MacNeela (NUIG)

Module Leaders:

Advanced Developmental Psychology
Dr Elizabeth Nixon
(Lecturer in Developmental Psychology, School of Psychology & Senior Research Fellow, CRC, TCD)

Child and Youth Services and Interventions
Prof. Pat Dolan
(UNESCO Chair in Children, Youth, and Civic Engagement, Director of CFRC and the Higher Diploma/Masters Degree in Family Support Studies, School of Political Science and Sociology, NUI, Galway)

Legal and Policy Issues
Dr Lorraine Swords
(Lecturer in Child and Adolescent Psychology, TCD, and Co-ordinator of Structured PhD in Child and Youth Research)

Qualitative Research Methods
Dr Caroline Heary
(Lecturer in Developmental Psychology, School of Psychology, NUI, Galway)

Quantitative Research Methods
Dr Allyn Fives, Dr. Padraig MacNeela & Dr. Lorraine Swords

Research Pragmatics
Dr Allyn Fives
(Postdoctoral Researcher, CFRC, School of Political Science and Sociology, NUI, Galway)

Researching Vulnerable Children
Prof. Robbie Gilligan
(Professor, Social Work and Social Policy, TCD)

Theorising Childhood
Dr John Canavan
(Associate Director, CFRC / Lecturer, School of Political Science & Sociology, NUI, Galway).

Youth and Society
Professor Trevor Spratt
(Director, TCD)

Please see for a list of students.